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Where to start winter swimming. Health in tempering with cold water in this way is an increase in immunity.

How to increase immunity? Frosty water by itself does not cure, but a hardening of the body it increases the internal capacity of the organism.
Plunging into the cool water, the human body overcomes the shock of the obstacle, due to the cooling of the body begins to plug in auxiliary energy to maintain thermoregulation of the body. Skin temperature drops, but despite all this the flow of blood to the internal organs increases, actually leading to increase in heat production more than 10 times!

The body in cold water Under cold stress the self-development of the organism are activated inside the metabolic processes, it promotes the combustion of useless fat and lowering weight.

When you lead a healthy lifestyle. Apart from this, decreases the value of cholesterol and blood sugar, increases production of sex hormones, slows the aging of cells until their regeneration in individual organs. Can sometimes be released into the blood endorphins – hormones of joy.

Cold water, the body frost enables a person than any other to make configuration of the weather, resist colds and flu, to protect freshness and not in a bad mood. Anyone who has ever hole one tried to rush, say: later bathing in the hole is noticed by a pleasant warmth including powerful cold-discipline, appears extraordinary ease in all body, sense of fun of living a healthy lifestyle.

cold water immunity

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